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AYSO United - West Michigan

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    • Boys Teams
      • ADA 2009 Boys - U10
      • ADA 2006 Boys - U13
      • CAL 2008 Boys - U11
      • CAL 2006 Boys - U13
      • CAL 2004 Boys - U15
      • GEO 2009 Boys - U10
      • GEO 2008 Boys - U11
      • GEO 2007 Boys - U12
      • GEO 2006 Boys - U13
      • GEO 2005 Boys - U14
      • GEO 2002 Boys - U17 Blue
      • GEO 2002 Boys - U17 White
    • Girls Teams
      • ADA 2007 Girls - U12
      • CAL 2008 Girls - U11
      • CAL 2006 Girls - U13
      • CED 2007 Girls - U12
      • CED 2005 Girls - U14
      • GEO 2009 Girls - U10
      • GEO 2008 Girls - U11
      • GEO 2006 Girls - U13
      • GEO 2005 Girls - U14
      • GEO 2004 Girls - U15
      • GEO 2001 Girls - U18
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Frequently Asked Question's

What is AYSO United?

AYSO United is the official club program of American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO)..

Will AYSO United be available everywhere?

Our AYSO United Club Program will be implemented in select locations where both player demand and membership needs require this level of programming. All AYSO United locations must be approved by the National United office to ensure a full collaborative roll out with our executive members. If you would like more information on how to start a program, please contact James Janosz, National Club Operations Manager.


What benefits will AYSO United members receive?

Being part of the official AYSO United club means you’re a member of “The World’s Biggest Soccer Club.” As a member of AYSO United you are part of a program that is committed to Player Development, Coaching Education and an affiliate member of U.S. Soccer.


How is AYSO United different than AYSO’s Core and EXTRA programs?

AYSO United’s primary difference is that each team is formed through a formal try-out process and will compete in U.S. Club or USYS gaming circuits, which are external of AYSO game rules.


How is AYSO United different from other club soccer programs?

What makes AYSO United different from other clubs is our Six Philosophies and the integrity of staying within those Philosophies. Our teams aren’t motivated by large rosters and a win at all costs mentality. If a player is selected to play for AYSO United, the coach will strive to ensure that a players receives 50 percent playing. AYSO United Coaches will focus on developmental training philosophies which falls in line with our U.S. Soccer approved curriculum. U.S. Soccer’s Zone 1 initiatives fall directly in line with AYSO’s “Development over Winning” approach to our club program. No other clubs can boast these credentials. We want to win…but respect and appreciate the entire process of competition.


What can we expect in the future from AYSO United?

AYSO United will see tremendous growth as a program while developing some of the top players and teams in its respective locations. Our coaches will be tremendous role models and teachers to our players and our Directors of Coaching will foster a community experience to ensure everyone associated with AYSO is proud of the United program.


How much does AYSO United cost?

There are additional costs associated with the club experience (league, tournament, referee, coaching, fields, uniform fees); however, as a National Organization our goal is to make the club experience cost effective for our families. Please reach out to the Club Administrator (Club Pages) for their individual Club fee.

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